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  • Warms up
  • Makes you relaxed
  • Soothes pain
  • Relieves the muscles

Unicatum Chondro

Swiss peat balsam
with herb extracts

UNICATUM Peat Balm was developed as a supporting skin care product which is applied after demanding daily activities and is based on a traditional formula proven by generations. In addition to peat, this peat massage balm also contains herb extracts, such as comfrey, horse chestnut and juniper. The well balanced formula of the UNICATUM peat balm guarantees a broad and powerful effect. (more...)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Also, we will gladly publish your experience with Unicatum Chondro.


How often should I apply Unicatum?


Peat therapy is normally applied in the form of peat mud spa care, peat packs and peat mud baths. The effect is most pronounced if the procedures are repeated even more than once daily. So: apply Unicatum Chondro best 3 times a day if you have problems.

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Unicatum Swiss peat balsam for your knees, back and shoulders, in the Czech market since February 2013. Launch supported by a TV campaign.



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